Rucanor yogamatsRucanor yogamat

Rucanor sports is an old and famous sports brand. Rucanor sports was founded in 1956 and its footwear and sports clothing made Rucanor leader in sports brands. Its first items were Rubber Canvas shoes. But over the years a bigger assortment of articles was created. The mission of Rucanor is to deliver the best products with focus on the basics. Rucanor is focused on fitness, but Rucanor also sells yogamats. 


Rucanor yogamats are comfortable and non-slip. The yogamats have nice bright colors and are suitable for yoga and other workouts.


Yogamats information

A good Yoga mat gives support, is rough, it is made of good quality material and the yoga mat has the right size to suit your figure.  The quality of the Yoga mat decides the price. Cheap yoga mats are often smooth and won’t last for years. The more expensive yoga mats have better density and are therefore safer and more durable. The average thickness of a yoga mat is 4 to 5 milimeters. The PVC mats are usually slightly thicker which makes the yoga mat less flexible but indestructible. Yoga mats with a thinkness of 5 milimeters or more are recommended for Asthanga or Power yoga.

Yogamat comfort

Each yoga mat has its own comfort feeling. The yoga mat made of sheepwool will give you a high comfort feeling. This yoga mat is soft and warm but the security and stability are low. The Diamond yoga mat has a extremely good grip, it is cushioning and it provides stability and safety at both a hard and soft surface. 

Yogamat grip

The right grip is important, it offers stability and security. It also prevents injuries because the hands and feet will remain in the right place. 

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